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Crazy or unusual, commonly used in a negative way.
A person who is grag. (spelled Grag E. Wumpus.)
A poison control company. Grag E. Wumpus Poison Control.

See grag.
Variation of cattywumpus.
That's major graggywumpus.
Graggywumpus, Batman!
Well Grag E. Wumpus.
by Graggywumpus July 27, 2009

Other spellings:
cattywumpus, caddywumpus, kattywumpus, cattywhompus, caddywhompus, kattywhompus, kaddywhompus, cattywhompas, caddywhompas, kattywhompas, kaddywhompas, cattywhompos, caddywhompos, kattywhompos, kaddywhompos, cattywampas, caddywampas, kattywampas, kaddywampas, cattywampus, caddywampus, kattywampus, kaddywampus, cattywampos, caddywampos, kattywampos, kaddywampos
That's major kaddywumpus!
by Graggywumpus July 27, 2009
Noun, Adjective, or Verb.

Bad. Ugly. Stupid. Gross. Unfortunate. Almost anything negative.

See graggywumpus.
I hate graggy tv's.
He gragged me.
Some people are just so grag.
That guy is a total grag.
by Graggywumpus July 27, 2009
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