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4 definitions by Gradez

An event that should not happen but still does despite the amount of alcohol ingested by the person to whom it occurs.
Guy 1: Terry shotgunned 24 beers and got so drunk that he forgot his own name, but still hooked up Jen and Rebecca.
Guy 2: What a beeracle.
by Gradez June 25, 2007
A bowel movement that isn't necessarily urgent at the moment, however it acts as a type of poop insurance, so as to avoid a socially uncomfortable poop-related scenario at a later time.
Dan: Let's go to the bar and pick up chicks.
Steve: Sure, but first, I better go for a safety poop.
by Gradez March 17, 2009
The area between the buttcrack and ballsack. Also known as the gooch or choda. Called the cuziff, cuziff it wasn't there, your guts would fall out.
Mike kicked me in the cuziff.
by Gradez October 27, 2007
When playing a video game, getting really close to losing a life but making a miraculous comeback.
I was really close to a high score in Pacman, then I had a mid life crisis and almost lost it, but things turned out okay.
by Gradez August 01, 2007