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The "W" stands for white, and we know the rest.
Generally, a wigger is someone who takes on the general idea of what black culture is in North America. This is evident because if one were to anyalse Black Culture in SA it would be fairly different. Moreover, though, I think we all have a little "black" in us, and a little "white"(note: im going through the general idea of what people know as white/black ). After all, were all humans(Right?).For instance, Alot of white people want to act/look like black people, through the way they dress(etc).Yet,the same amount of black people also want to look like white people - thus the term "hes light skin", and "he has nicer hair". I personally disagree with any black person who says "Oh hes like skin, or he has better hair", because who is to say I, or any black person doesnt have nice hair?. But anyways, If you are one of those people who say "we are all equal, colour doesnt matter" you probally wouldnt generalize people through colour, because, thats how the term "wigger" was establsihed, or atleast thats what it seems like.

1.White guy: Say word
People: That guy is a wigger.
2. Any white guy wearing media's/general idea of black uniform is - considered a wigger.
3. Any white guy/guys, who chills with a bunch of black people - (mostly) considered a wigger.
4. Other
by Graceyyyyyyyyy October 08, 2006

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