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Emo. Who knows what it really is, like honestly? Some say its a genre of music, "fags" who sing about there failure relationships, and mostly, people who wear tight pants, strum a guitar to a suicidal song and cry all day. But who is to say that any of these definitions are wrong? We all have different opions; and noone can say one's opion is "stronger" than another opion(in this case)fore, I cannot find a legible source and or person who made the word up. Moreover, if you do find a source, there is still no real evidence to where it really came from(If this was so, Im sure it would be listed in dictionary.com).
Some of the different things that people label as "emo" are(Note, some labeled/accurate definitions may not be included, and im just giving the general examples):
1. Emotional people
2. Bands such as silverstein
3. Outcats of society
4. People who wear certain clothes/and or styles to prove a point to society
5. People who dont take care of them selves, and where rugged clothing
6.Sensitive people
7. Other
by Graceyyyy October 01, 2006

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