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The combination of sloth and lard. As in the fat, lazy ex of mine is such a lard ass and sloth I call him slard.
Jason is a f*cking Slard.
by Gracesuicide August 09, 2009
adjective \bur\
1. used to describe the physical feeling of disappointment.

2. the opposite of feeling great or spectacular.
After we lost our baseball game, all I felt like was berrrrr.

I feel berrrrr today with my hangover from the party last night.
by gracesuicide April 18, 2011
noun \cee bom\
1. a person of large mass or great weight who is a liar, cheat, thief, manipulator, and has horrible hygiene.
I am not friends with her anymore, I found out she is a CBomb.
by gracesuicide April 18, 2011

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