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The best band in the world. Their lyrics are so deep and it shows what they've been through, and if you say they suck you probably have only heard Im Not Okay and Helena, which ARE good songs but you shouldnt judge them by their singles. To get a better picture of them you should buy theyre older CD: I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love. And if you HAVE heard that CD and still think they suck, then you're extremley crazy. Then again, Im not going to be one to judge, but I love them and I love how they are nice people and nice to their fans. I hate it when people are like: lyk omfgZZZzzZZ i lyk luv mcr and lyk gerard way is SoooOOooOO hawt! Its kind of disrespectful in a way, because they only like MCR for their looks and their singles. I love them for both their CDs, theyre great musical ability and of course theyre super beautiful looks.
The best fucking band ever. <33
by Gracelyn August 12, 2005

*Bert is AMAZING. Being able to scream yet still manage to sing as beautifally as he does <33

*Quinn is just Quinn and he is so pretty with his blonde hair, but his beard was kind of scary =\

*Jepha = fucking rad <33

*Branden is a gangstarr. He really is. And he is a great drummer.
by Gracelyn August 12, 2005
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