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A blog or blogger that sports a flamboyant and irresponsible approach to blogging with shrieking, gaudy, sensation-loving, devil-may-care kinds of content; content that take an iota of truth and embelishes it into such an oblivious state that it becomes nothing more than total fiction. If the information blogged about is inaccurate or biased, the public has little means for verification. With this sort of influence, some wield much self-perceived power. In order to increase whatever it is some wish to increase, these "Yellow Bloggers" turn the high drama of life into a cheap melodrama, writing stories that have been twisted into forms best suited for sales by the hollering newsboy of a cyber-version tabloid.
Yellow Blogging is like the National Enquirer, or your average supermarket tabloid, blog version
by GracefullyGrowing February 15, 2008

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