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People usually relate the store Abercrombie with toned preps. Yes, this is what the company hopes to achieve.
Abercrombie is a store like all others. Its just one of the more upscale mall stores. It's less expensive sister store Hollister targets the West Coast audience. With its bright colors and surf appeal.
Abercrombie on the other hand is designed for the East Coast preps. With a majority of their clothes being navys, gray and whites their motto is casual luxury.
Which it is.
The Chanel of the mall; Abercrombie sells its clothes at a higher price then most other mall stores such as American Eagle and Aeropostale.

Abercrombie also targets a smaller sized audience.
American Eagle and Aeropostale's sizes run bigger and come boxey-er that Abercrombie which makes their clothing long and lean. Many people dislike Abercrombie for just that. But, this is unnecessary. There is no reason to complain about Abercrombie's lack of large sizes and expensive clothes. If you have a problem; just don't shop there.
Many also find it degrading that Abercombie only hires workers that are attractive as their models. This is because they are models in a sense. They're hired not only to provide assistance to customers but to also show those same customers how Abercrombie's clothes look on. They're attractive because the models are attractive.
Because that's what Abercrombie targets.
The college student who is a toned, tanned beauty.
Though, most customers are actually middle and high school students.

Many people don't like Abercombie because of its mentality of wealthy, beautiful preps. Because it is for skinny rich people.
Well, take it somewhere else. Getting angry about a store is stupid. It's not like its really offending you. So maybe you can't shop there because you're too big. Well, they have stores for just big people and nobody gets all pissed at them. It's because people are jealous.

People also think people who shop at Abercrombie are label obsessed. Because they're able to afford 75 dollar jeans with the signature abercrombie design on the back pockets. Or, the moose stitched to each shirt.
Well, maybe they are. People today like identities. Those who shop at Abercrombie do it because they like the way the clothes look and feel; and they're proud of it so they show it off by the Abercrombie emblems. And maybe they are wealthy skinny people. But,just because they are and just because they shop there, doesn't mean they're snobs or think less of those who can't shop there.
Everyone needs to leave Abercrombie and its loyal customers alone. Get a new hobbie.
Maybe you could attack Hot Topic for selling clothes for emo people. Or Torrid for only selling plus sizes.
God, clothes give people identities. And they're about who YOU are.
Each store sells to meet peoples needs.
So please, just leave Abercrombie alone.
Abercrombie & Fitch targets the young, wealthy person who is toned, tan and stylish.
by Grace Sasso January 27, 2008
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