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Usually somebody of african decent.Somebody with short curly hair.Hair that is not like velcro but smooth hair about two inches long.
Andrew is a kurlybob because he's half white,half black.
Watsup kurlybob!?
#andrew #is #a #little #kurlybob #monster
by Graawl October 30, 2006
adj;meaning inside the city.Anything to do wit the city/urban area.If you are too urbal you need to get away to the country, man...verb;a term for clubbing.(urballing)
Dude:How was your holiday?
Guy:It was pretty urbal hey.
(He didn't go away)

We went urballing last night.
#urban person #club hopper #countryphobic #clubbing #city slicking
by Graawl October 30, 2006
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