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Plop Props are generally things like feces, slimy trash, or wadded up used toilet paper gathered for the purpose of throwing at someone you don't like. Anything that makes the sound Plop when it hits it's target is a plop prop.
I have plenty of plop props for my high school principal's house and car! He won't know what hit him, but he won't want to go home or touch his car again!
by Goyoza June 22, 2010
any computer older than 15 years old. Comparative with motorcycles being the new and more advanced, scooter being the more primitive and cheaply built.
My 386 from ages ago is a total scooter puter. My commodore 64 is a scooter puter.
by Goyoza June 22, 2010
Homosexual 3 way involving one black man and two white men, where as the black man is in the middle of the penetration circle.
The boys are getting together tonight to have sex, there's 2 white guys and 1 black guy so I'm thinking it's gonna be a greek sandwich tonight.
by Goyoza June 22, 2010

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