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A sex position where a male comes from behind a woman standing on her head, wraps one hand around her waste, while holding a seagull by the feet. The seagull is then dipped in any liquid (diarhea in an old coffee can works wonderfully). The seagull is then stuck into the vagina and twisted in a circle while the male and female both caw vigourously.
I gave my wife a Reverse Wraparound Painted Seagull Twist for our fiftieth wedding anniversary.
by Gouda June 01, 2006
smothered and stuffy by the air; the opposite of refreshing;
I feel a bit smuffy today.
by gouda May 05, 2014
commonly used when describing a Butt Fucking Homo
You kisses a guy you BFH!
by GOUDA May 30, 2006

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