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An emphatic expression of victory or defiance using onomatopoeic alliteration smacking of inner city ghetto slang. Considered very racially uniting, everyone knows and feels the supremecy of uber j00 when you use this exclamation.
Immediately after running into the end zone, Walter Payton ran to the nearest television camera, did a little dance and screamed BAMSHAKALAKA!
by GothYena September 29, 2005
Of or having to do with ganking. Commonly used by 1337-speakers (leet-speakers) and script kiddies. Gankage also refers to pwnage and laying waste to hordes of ninja and pirate enemies. Ganking is typically considered very uncool because it usually involves skanky tactics to lay the beatdown on an enemy.

See also: gank
OMFG, that Troll Rogue just set the Basin alight with utter gankage! There are ninja Alliance corpses everywhere!
by GothYena September 29, 2005
To perpetuate or elevate the status of a person, concept, ideal, organization or the like. Etymology stems from a Middle-English amalgamation of Latin 'pro-' (for) and Middle English 'motan' (allow, must). To offer support for allowance to continue is to promote. The opposite of condemn and dissent.
Roberto wasn't aware that his mass-murder killing spree promoted strong Republican values until Rush Limbaugh offered him a co-hosting role on his talk show.
by GothYena September 29, 2005
In World of Warcraft, a trinket is the most k-rad piece of pwnage gear you can toss in a slot. Trinkets do not take damage from combat and death and will land you extra PvP gankage.

Also occasionally means some hot bitch that rides your jockstrap in public because you don't want cholos to think you're a straight up choad-smoker homo queer.
j00 just see me run into that lame group of n00b Alliance and smack my Essence Of Eranikus trinket for ultimate pwnage? BAMSHAKALAKA!

That girl with me's just a trinket, lemme get some of your one-eyed wonder weasel now that we're alone, dude.
by GothYena September 29, 2005
A vague and silly notion women often get about a non-existant ideal in which someone realizes all truths inherent to the existance of an item or concept (such as emotion). Such an epiphany would very likely drive a man to insanity or suicide.
Jenna told me I need to have more understanding about her menstual cycle.
by GothYena September 19, 2004
Any corporate/branded merchandise given out for free in order to promote the company/brand. Usually little trinkets or doodads, sometimes clothing, and always cheaply mass-produced. Etymology of this term most likely stems from a middle-English use of the word 'swag' often in pirate circles or other criminal circles as a euphamism for loot or plunder. How anyone can really consider the modern day definition of swag as plunder or loot (since it's worthless) is beyond understanding.

See also: schwag
My job at McDonald's sucks ass, but at least I get some skanky swag to donate to Salvation Army.
by GothYena September 19, 2004

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