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The condition of rolls of flab after two nights of crunches. May be mistaken for abs. Synonyms: Vinny Sidhu
The Vinny says, "Eh baby, ju like kulfi?"
by Gotem's Bhai Sahib August 08, 2003
Person, place, or thing that is unclean, dirty, foul, smelly, sweaty, and/or GANDHA(stankalankalicious). Synonyms: Puneet Sidhu
Because he did not take a shower after our 4:00am jog, Puneet was dubbed SWEATY GANDHA.
by Gotem's Bhai Sahib August 08, 2003
Method of excreting waste in which one places ones feet on top of the toilet seat and then, in a squatting position, drops bombs on your moms. This method is recommeded if the toilet seat is excessively sweaty gandha.
That Amsterdam airport toilet was sooooo sweaty gandha, I had to do it INDIA STYLE!!!
by Gotem's Bhai Sahib August 08, 2003

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