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A tremendously beautiful part of the northeast, that was ruined because the land was worth more as suburban sprawl from NYC than it was as farmland. Its residents think is the greatest place in the world, largely because the only people who still live there are the people who have never traveled anywhere but in the tri-state or down south. Anyone who has made it anywhere else makes damn sure they never come back. They specifically made the tolls outgoing and not incoming for this reason, because they knew nobody would ever pay to come here, and wanted to discourage anybody left from leaving. Because life is sad and pathetic here, largely due to the lack of good tacos and art, people are willing to risk theirs and others just to beat you by five minutes getting home, or better yet to the traffic jam ahead. Unfortunately most of them have no basic understanding of traffic flow, so they spend a lot of time slamming on their brakes and getting cock blocked in the slow lane. New Jersey-ans don't pump their own gas, because they're so retarded from having the largest number of superfund sites that they couldn't figure it out. And the bagels and pizza, while delicious, don't even begin to make up for the sheer amount of strip malls assaulting every town.
" Where ya from?"

"New Jersey"

"Oh yeah? I've never been there"

"...........You ain't missing much"
by Got the Hell Out October 04, 2012
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