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Was One of the Best Channels of all time During the 90's for all little kids, teens, Young Adults and Some Adults to all enjoy. Now it's just a Pile of S*it and not worth to watch anymore. Great Shows of the 90's in this channel for example: Rocko's Modern Life, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Doug, The Original "All That", Kenan & Kel and The ORIGINAL Rugrats. Now they have "TeeNick" like Zoey 101. Other Retarded things like: The NEW All That, and The NEW Rugrats "All Grown-Up", which none of these "Shows" are really original and Nick' has lost its "Touch" and "Spirit" of making cartoons and Shows.
Annoying Little 10-year-old Girl: OMG!!! I want to be just like Jamie Spears!!! I love Zoey 101!!! TeeNick rules!!! and I LOVE Nickelodeon!!!

ME: " You Really Don't know the Meaning of NICKELODEON!!!So Shut the F*ck up and Read a book or Something!!!"

Annoying Little 10-year-old Girl: *Cries*
by Got Rice??? July 26, 2006
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