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Unsubstantiated Nutritional and Human physiological claims. Broscience does not ALWAYS go hand in hand with being wrong, its just that its simply UNSUBTANIATED.

Most Jacked guys claim some of these facts to be true since it "worked for them" when they fail to realize that just because it works for them, it will not always tailor to the common majority. Supplement companies tend to perpetuated Broscience so people will keep believing these myths so companies can make products that accomodate these claims so they in turn make $$. Always read, always question. If your not enjoying yourself throughout your training career your probably doing something wrong.
"If you don't eat every 2-4 hours you'll risk being catabolic at some parts of the day, bro. Vince Delmonte said you need to eat every 2-4 hours!"

That is Broscience man. Human beings would not have survived and thrived the way we do today had our dietary needs been that demanding. It's best you ignore everything Vince Delmonte says.
by Got Crabs at the gym August 29, 2012

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