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1 definition by Gossipislove

A little "trend" started by Verizon wireless in which songs are substituted for that same old ringing sound.
Unfortunately, each sound clip is tinny and static-ridden, and lasts about 30 seconds before repeating.
They may also cause your friends to hate you. Realize that this is only because you've had "Baby Got Back" on ringback for sixth months. This is why they no longer call you.
Along with the tones comes a tricky system online where you set them up and decide whether you want a Jukebox (a playlist of many different songs) or just one song over and over again. Each tone is $0.99 and lasts a year.
Dick: (picking up) Hello?
Jane: Why did you pick up? I was totally grooving to your Ms. New Booty ringback tone!
Dick: I know, isn't it the shizzle?
by Gossipislove April 02, 2006
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