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The worst kind of love. The love for those in love alone. Symptoms include: making a fool of yourself, daydreaming, and unrealistic hopes/desires. When you love someone who will not, and won't love you back it creates this immense longing for that person. You think that they are different than the tough jerk exterior he puts out, and are always hoping one day he will change and come to your door. But he never does, and even though you finally realize how much time you've wasted, you still love this guy. Its undeniable how pure your liking for them is, but you just want them to look at you and have that slow motion eye contact, realizing your the one, the one hes been looking for. Over time, this love may fade, but there will always be a little imprint of them in your heart.
Ali likes Jacob so much, but just can't seem to be herself around him. She is nervous and knows he will never love her like he should. He will choose a girl with less moral standards and she will have to suffer watching drowning in her own unrequited love for him.
by GossipGal14 December 21, 2010
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