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A game of gentlemanly rivalry. The two men stand facing each other bare-chested. One at a time, each man delivers a single, open-handed blow to his opponents' abdominal area. Only one step is allowed to be taken by the deliverer, and the recipient of the blow may not evade the blow and must sustain it fully. At the end of this, each gentleman will have a reddened imprint of his opponent's hand emblazoned upon his abdominals- "the hand of god". Ten minutes (or some other predetermined time) are allowed to elapse, after which each man's chest is re-examined. A group of impartial peers will decide which man has more fully recovered and shows the lesser amount of redness and injury- this man is declared the winner. In the event that the peers are unable to come to a unanimous decision (extremely rare), the two gentlemen shall again strike one another in the manner explained above, and again be judged until a winner is declared.
While abdominal fat may cushion the blow in a game ofHand of god, it is far more susceptible to lasting tell-tale redness which can lead to a loss. Placing and timing of the blow is extremely important- proper placement can lead to the open fisted blow causing a gash that breaks the skin and draws blood- which will almost inevitably result in a win when compared to simple redness.
by Goron Saurg November 04, 2007

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