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pussy whenever you need it
andy and i dont currently have box on demand, but we hate chris because he gets vag 24/7
by gorilla adam March 21, 2007
A highly regarded member of the jewish faith who is revered for his aljewistic efforts and his remarkable ability to mench-press more than most.
Ari: Did you hear about this man, Saul Moskowitz?

David: I did hear of this man, Saul, you speak of. Isn't he the one who single-handedly mench-pressed 7 Rabbis ?

Ari: Yes, this is the same man we have been talking about.

David: Quite the Jewmanitarian this Saul Moskowitz we have been speaking of, is!
by Gorilla Adam March 01, 2010
Historically known as "the vagina of the mouth," this area has gained recent popularity among "headventurers" for remaining constantly wet and sensitive.
Headventurer:"Sheila, lets try something new"

Sheila: "oh ya, put it in my undertongue"
by Gorilla Adam December 06, 2009
The illustrious honor given to a NCAA football team that misses bowl season.
Congratulations 5-7 UT, you just earned a bid to the Toilet Bowl!
by Gorilla Adam November 26, 2010
A term of art used to describe one's community of jewish acquaintances.
Ari: have you spoken to Saul Moskovitz lately?

Noah: Paul Moskovitz? The Urologist?

Ari: No, Saul. The Butcher!

Noah: I do not know this man you speak of!

Ari: Oy, Noah, you live in such a small Jewniverse!
by Gorilla Adam April 18, 2009

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