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3 definitions by Gorham

n. term attributed to a male when he accomplishes a deed or feat that is "Oprah-esque" in nature, such as abusing one’s power and influence over an audience of stepford-like individuals, or performing an act of good will for the sole purpose of feeding one’s already bloated ego.
Jimmy used his morally persuasive powers to sway his listeners, while benefitting his own self-serving agenda. He's like "Opbro"!!!!!
by Gorham January 21, 2008
what one gets when he/she has had a long night of promiscuous sex.
Cheryl shamelessly walked her soggy party-bottom through the livingroom of partygoers after she did the entire highschool football in the nearby bedroom.
by Gorham October 13, 2007
n. term for one of the most powerful hours of television hosted by the most powerful media whore this country has ever seen, who is forever adored by her empty-headed minions that cling to her every word.
ex. "Did you see yesterday's Oprahsode with Dr. Oz? Oprah did it again. She said va-jay-jay!!!"
by Gorham May 10, 2008