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4 definitions by Gordon Yip

Similar to Spitroast, Watertight is essentially the same, but with one woman, and three men. I.e. the orifices mouth, vagina and anus are filled.
Boy, we really made Melody watertight.
by Gordon Yip August 15, 2003
41 8
From growler

The science (some say art) of cunnilingus.
I gave Steph a good growling.
by Gordon Yip November 13, 2003
12 11
To vomit into another persons mouth. Similar to the behaviour of Pelicans, who emit digested food into their youngs mouth.
Yech! did you see Scott and Brendon do a Pelican?
by Gordon Yip August 15, 2003
23 27
To urinate into another persons mouth (in a sexual manner). Related to Watersports.
I had a great session gobbling her amber fluid.
by Gordon Yip August 15, 2003
8 17