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Stupid Foreigner - In Japanese, baka means "stupid" and gaijin means "foreigner" and one thing an American in Japan gets used to hearing right away is "baka gaijin!"
That baka gaijin over there doesn't even know how to use chopsticks!
by Gordon Bennett September 29, 2008
Spitting. The phonetic spelling of the sound you make when you spit.
I hocked up a loogie and then, ptooie, I spit it out.
by Gordon Bennett August 26, 2005
"britslang" is American slang for, well, British slang, which, let's face it, provides a LOT of the words found in here.
Harry's really chuffed about his promotion.
Chuffed? What's that?
Oh, it's just britslang for being all proud of yourself.
by Gordon Bennett October 08, 2005
A contraction or abbreviation of "Jewish Holidays" like Hanukah or Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah, etc., etc., etc.
Boy, the office is really quiet today with so many people out for the jewlidays.
by Gordon Bennett October 10, 2005
An acronym used in text messaging that means: I Might Be Freakin' Gay
In a text message: hes so hot OMG IMBFG
by Gordon Bennett October 08, 2005
Acronym for: I Make Boys Fart Gloriously
imbfg = I Make Boys Fart Gloriously
by Gordon Bennett October 10, 2005

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