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Louisa is a small small ass county/ town located in central VA. We are about 5 stoplights high, and more then 500 hundred cows deep. Everyone knows dirt on everyone else but its all good cause we know nobody gives a rats ass about the bum fuck town's problems. The place is a mixing bowl of rednecks, blacks, whites, and mexicans. The town consists of a Mcdonalds, Hardees, Subway, two pizza places, two chinese places, two movie rentals, and some other random dining places. The weekends consists of jacking liquor from parents cabinets, and having random bon fire shit fests in cow fields/ houses. The High School orgasms for their football Bros and baseball Ho's, yet never won anything amazing except for the '07 runner-up state football team. Cause our class was Bosses in everything. All in all its a solid place to raise your kids when you get tired of city life, but the kids who had to endure it through their teenage youth, say, " There is jack shit to do in the big L, but we still gotta call it home, making alot out of alittle"
Random stranger, " Hey where you from guy?"
Louisa guy, " Louisa"
Random stranger, " O Louisiana"
Louisa guy, " Naw this bumfuck place in central va, but we thrown down hard"

by Gordon "Gmoney" Cummings February 14, 2008

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