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An exotic pet with a very short temper. Has a severe case of dyslexia and lives under the dilusion that it can teach math. Is usually kept in a zoo if one is released into the wild it can be extremely dangerous.
I replaced my guard dogs with Miurs
by Gordo December 04, 2003
the hottest rapper since 50 cent. he got shot 9 times in his ear. that's what makes his lyrics so hardcore.
"i can't hear nothin outta my left headphone! turn my headphones up!!! turn them shits up nigga!!!" - Fisticuff's tightest lyrics
by Gordo October 06, 2004
Short for 'giant vagina disease' Term used to define the ailment interfering with a mans ability to hang with his friends or participate in every day man things.
Travis has GVD, so he won't be joining us tonight
by Gordo February 27, 2005
1)To have one's underwear/panties yanked up from behind.

2)The greatest Rock & Roll party band ever to exist on this or any other planet, and found at www.a2zmusic.com
I went to a WEDGIE! concert where they had several of the most bootylicious girlies in the audience get up on stage, and every one of them was given a hella fine wedgie.
by Gordo April 25, 2005

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