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4 definitions by Gord-O Jones

n. A standard mixed drink, very similar to the screwdriver, except replace the vodka with everclear. It'll get ya drunk!

"After a night of many torque wrenches, I felt like one of them opened another asshole I was unaware of.
by Gord-O Jones December 05, 2008
Urine that accumulates on the back of the toilet or one the bathroom floor over time to form a gravy-like paste known as piss butter.
I saw a guy on the internet that once scooped piss butter off the back of a toilet, spread it on a cracker, and ate it.
by Gord-O Jones April 28, 2008
The tiny scraps of paper that are left after tearing a piece of paper out of a notebook.
The teacher told me to pick up the scrige that I had left on the floor next to my desk.
by Gord-O Jones September 11, 2008
The retarded, bastard step-cousin of punk. Sure it came from punk roots, but it goes against most punk morals and standards, such as courage and standing up for what you believe in, making the doppleganger to punk.
Emo Punk is to punk much like bologna is to prime rib.
by Gord-O Jones February 06, 2007