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Possibly the biggest douche ever to walk the earth. If you ever run into this hostile person, don't be fooled by the fake happiness and wanting to see or talk to you, it will stab you in the back. It will claim to be good at guitar and be your friend. When you show any opinion different from it, it will back stab you and say "shut up" in a very Nazi neo-con tone.

Warning signs that he may be a Colton
He is a neo con
He is a douche
He is a back stabber
He is shallow
He doesn't like opinions that are not his
He is a heterosexist
He is a "Christian"
He listens to screamo music
He listens to liberal music but is conservative
He makes a big deal out of stupid stuff
He doesn't like homosexuals for some reason

If he meets more than three of these he is a Colton
If you encounter a Colton please ignore this person, it will bring you pain and is fucking annoying. These people are usually a failure to use a condom, or not enough money for an abortion.
by Goplayyourguitaryouhippy January 05, 2010

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