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Whe you are talking back to your folks after an argument and they just DON't get it? You feel like speaking alien as they are superficial listeners and will not let you have your way! (It just their money minus you talking)
"Dad-I did go to the garage as you mentioned but the mechanic says with the 40 years experience he has he suggests holding the tune-up for another 1000 miles"

D: "I told you to get a tune up-now there was no other option-you are a failure to me. I cannot have a child who does'nt follow orders that i gave to him. You are a disappointment. You can't listen and I won't send you out with the car again nor give you any more instructions".

Son:But dad; !!@$-^&U
by Goosebump11 June 03, 2011
When you seem to be making the right decisions based on the moment but all the results are running 'down wind' from other people spoiling the outcome.

An animal in the forest wants to be 'downwind' of its hunter so the hunter doesn't get a sniff of the prey.
All upwind are 'seen' by those downwind as the wind blows away from them.
"I went and spoke to an advisor about a superannuation investment but when I saved and deposited the amount-the savings went running down wind with the market collapse"

"I follow coaches advice and play wide reciver for the final play but the opposition always pre-interprets the play making me feel like I'm constantly running down wind"!
by Goosebump11 June 03, 2011
Pet name for human eye-ball computer trojan aliens i.e. When you realise that your computer has third-party intrusion and it 1/ hasn't gone away & 2/ It's not you being paranoid-these eye-balls really are watching YOU in REAL-TIME!!
Hey Jim, did you see that web page just move from the screen?
J: Yeah, bet its those "fuckin cyber-stalker infantile fucks isn't it"?

"Mum, my mouse pointer keeps jumping off the hyperlinks I selecetd on my Facebook page"?
M: Its more likely not you son, just those fuckin cyber-stalker infantile fucks"
by Goosebump11 June 03, 2011
It's like everything you do, say or see is taking a toll on your health unneccessarily.

Friends seem to be 'extra-hard work to socialise with.

Like you are extra tuition learning for school and the teacher always marks your paper down or criticise your effort.

You try and please your girlfriend and buy her flowers but she thinks youve done something wrong and criticises you with suspicious remarks.

You dress smartly for an event but people call you a 'poof'
"Hey Bob, that car you brought was a lemon can't you buy anything decent"?

B:"When making buying decisions-feels like I'm always running into a stiff breeze"!
by Goosebump11 June 03, 2011
When people are breaking into your old school friend circle and are "intuitively' reading and undertsnding your group dymanics after 5 minutes ruining the 'energy' they are Spasmo's.
Me: "We were at the party on Saturday night when the drinks session came on everyone got wasted together and danced into the night when that new girl came out from the closet and tried to dance- she bloody well cleared the dancefloor-Spasmo"!!
by Goosebump11 June 03, 2011

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