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2 definitions by Goose B

An Oxymoron
Billy: "Hey man Chinese Democracy finally came out after 10 years"

Jimmy: "You're such a retard China is a communist nation"
by Goose B July 06, 2009
A Sport which everyone tries to defend with allegations as, you have to dehydrate, be anorexic, and an insomniac to compete in. see Mary-Kate Olsen

just for 6 minutes? Please Football players are on the pitch for 90mins straight, and you guys are claiming to be tough with 6 minutes? get a life you sorry bastards, and let's not get started about MMA fighters.
Wrestler: "My ideal body, is that of Mary-Kate Olsen"

Me: "Wrestling is gay, and so are you"
by Goose B July 06, 2009