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A school located in Alexandria, Virginia. The majority of the boys at this school were not accepted into Woodberry Forest School, which is considered of much higher quality than Episcopal High School. The girls there are okay, you almost feel bad for them because they have to go to school with a bunch of fags that are just bitter because they didnt get into Woodberry. EHS is renowned for getting there asses kicked by Woodberry, namely in football, and namely when they lost 42-0 to Woodberry in November of 2005. Yeah, it was 36-0 at halftime, and then when Woodberry got bored, the smallest kid on their team decided to fuck up some kid from EHS until he had to go off the field on a stretcher. EHS as a school is usually lumped in the category of other girls with faggot male students, such as St. Christopher's and Collegiate. They all want to go to Woodberry, but are too stupid. EHS is full of potheads and fuckups. They are referred to as Goons by many people, as they suck so much they cant have an actual school mascot. The end.
"You go to Episcopal High School?"
"Oh, I guess that means you didnt get into Woodberry."
"You go to Episcopal High School?"
"Wow, you fuckin suck."
by Goon Hater April 17, 2006
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