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Someone who is incapable of handling large amounts of Caffeine.

The type of person who will brag about drinking a whole Red Bull.
You go to Starbucks with your friend(who is a caffeine pussy), and they order a Venti mocca frapuccino, and 5 minutes later they say "omg, I think I'm going to have a heart attack".
by Goofry July 23, 2009
When you get fooled, hurt, or otherwise had a negative experience with a bitch.

Like being fucked over, but by a bitch.
"Hey man, you remember that girl who was so great, in the end I got bitched over."
by Goofry July 01, 2009
Said exactly like "Spray and Pray", except this term refers to using alot of bullets in a meaningful way, as opposed to blowing off numerous clips in a hopless attempt to wound the enemy. Hence "prey' insted of "pray".
Bill- "Man, you see that?"

Jack- "What?"

Bill- "I just spray and preyed a tripple kill"
by Goofry July 01, 2009
A slang term referring to the M16 assault rifle on call of duty, and other first person shooters.
"That bitch got me with the noob16!"
by Goofry June 30, 2009
A term used to describe the act of flooding the enemy with as much smoke as you have. The smoke comes from smoke grenades, and this term is used commonly on first person shooters.
Bill- "Yo man, there are 5 guys in that house!"

Jack- "Smoke Em Up and run in there!"
by Goofry July 02, 2009

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