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A small city where guys think that they are the shit and they are amazing at sports, where girls think that orange is the new tan and they have to be sluts to be popular, and where all we care about is our fucking blue ribbon school system. Oh yeah, there's the fair share of pot-heads. Mostly full of ugly people.
Have you been to Olmsted Falls lately? They're dumbshits.
by Goofball November 16, 2006
Laughing my fucking cock off. A term used in response to something funny.
I was lmfco when the cop on South Park shat jizz after being gangbanged at a frat party!
by GoofBall January 11, 2013
When numbers are used in substitution for letters. Commonly found on any online line gaming such as WOW and CS
"this is a good example of nerd typing"

"th15 15 a g00d 3x4mp13 0f n3rd typ1ng"

by GOOFBALL April 05, 2007

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