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Similar to The Shocker, this hand-based sexual act uses the extended index and pinky fingers, while the ring and middle fingers are curled down/held in by the thumb, making the popular "rock and roll" hand gesture, used at concerts. The index finger is then inserted into the vagina, while the pinky is inserted into the womans anus.
Before giving her the Shocker, I warmed her up with the Rocker... next, it's on to the Spocker!
by GoodyQ December 19, 2010
2 in the front, 5 in the rear. Similar in effect and usage to the Shocker, but requiring 2 hands, and a very willing reciever.
I gave my girlfriend the Shocker, but that wasn't doing it for her anymore, so I had to give her a ride on the Minivan!
by GoodyQ December 19, 2010
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