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She is one of those girls who just can't stop talking about how much she hates other girls. She claims to be down to earth and drama free when in reality, she puts up a front and starts the drama.

She needs to be the center of attention. She surrounds herself with "nice guy who finish last" male losers. She is the go to girl when these losers are rejected by women with real personalities. She will listen to them whine and complain, agreeing that all women are heartless. Then they fall for her and start following her around. She is ohhhh so different from the other girls.

She curses, punches, plays halo badly and watches sports. She will do anything to make herself stand out from the norm. She is very territorial. If a new girl starts attracting some of the members of the reserve harem away, she will do whatever it takes to get them back. Usually in a nasty passive aggressive manner. She is still a girl after all. A very pathetic girl.

She actually has no social skills. The reason why she hates girls is because she doesn't know how to be friends with other girls. Or anyone else for that matter. After the losers stop having feelings for her, they don't want anything to do with her. They know that they were used to inflate her ego.
Tomboy-Slut: I hate girly girls!
Normy: Why?
Tomboy-Slut: I'm just so much better than them! They are so stupid. I don't want to respect anyone who wears pink. I'm that superficial.
by Goody2Shoes22 February 19, 2010

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