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An ann counler or simply a coulter, Someone, particularly or usually a woman who is so ugly on the inside that it shows on the outside. Also a term for rotting fruit as often fruit rots from the inside out. A bitter or personality challenged person/woman.
Person 1: Ewww, did you see her? She looks like she swallowed a whole barrel of lemons, she looks like ann coulter...
Person 2: Yeah a real coulter

Med Student 1: How was that open ass surgery...the coulter hemorriods we had to watch being extracted?
Med Student 2: Yeah, it was so coulter I felt sick!
by Goodnight Dick November 12, 2006
A mofaux is a guy or gal that acts like a baddass gangsta full of lip and attitude but once confronted by authority or anyone at all actually backs right off like a chickenhawk.

Someone who pretends to be an tough asshole hangin' in the hood, but is actually a mommy's boy living at home and studying hospitality.
George W. Bush said to the Iraqi insurgency 'Bring it on you badass mother fuckers' (or words to that effect). A little while later, however, he effectively retracted that statement, he was shown to be a mofaux.

Mofaux: Hey asshole got the time?
Mofaux: Oh sorry sir...I didn't mean to offend...
Mofaux's posse: Geezuz man you is such a pussy mofaux! (laughter at mofaux's expense)
by Goodnight Dick November 11, 2006
A dissbate (or disbate) is an inflammatory 'dialogue' or argument that is actually two or more people insulting each other rather than trying to get their points across in a reasonable meaningful way. Often occurs in bars. It also occurs a lot on the comments section of political blogs where people think they are debating a point but actually their points are either highly inflamatory, insulting or ad-hominem name calling. There seems often to be an element of courage dot com involved.
An example of a dissbate is:
Commenter A: George W Bush is the best goddam president this country has ever had and you're just a dumbass Defeatocrat liberal if you don't think so...
Commenter B: George W Bush is an asshole and you don't know shit cause you're a dumbass fascist asshole yourself...

If someone was capable of overhearing this conversation they may say: Man their argument started off ok but now it's devolved into a dissbate...
by Goodnight Dick December 02, 2006
Thuzed - means to be enthused about something. To relate to something enthusiastically. To not be able to hide one's delight or desire for something or someone.

Opposite is "non-thuzed" meaning unenthusiastic or non plussed.
Geez when Brad saw Angelina he was thuzed enough to want to see her again.

I was going to ask her out again but she didn't seem that thuzed...

Loved the Borat movie but my girlfriend was non-thuzed.
by Goodnight Dick November 15, 2006
Ann Coulter, or Coulter: Medical slang for Haemorroids.
Dr Bob, you've got a an appointment with Mrs Higginbottom, she's here about her coulter (s).
by Goodnight Dick January 28, 2007

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