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A girl who needs to start feeling better and cope with how her life is changing because its changing for her better; has friends to back her up and make her life good(even some friends to make her life sexually good). Also, commonly characterized by nerdiness, talkative, beautiful, smart, perceptive, caring, sexy, no common sense, bad at telling jokes, and despite popular belief has great girlfriend qualities.
Dude, that chick the bomb. Her name has to be Paulina!
by Goodman baby September 08, 2009
A giant gang bang consisting of at least 4 guys and one girl. Creater: Paulina, a sexy mexican, who routinely loves to get gang banged in houston, her hometown.
Dude, check that girl out! She loves to get houston pile uped!!!
by Goodman baby September 07, 2009

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