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Care to know about this state? Utah's just another lame state. It's not quite as exciting as California, New York, Florida, or Texas. Here's the story from a resident.

It's famous for a few things. Hard to believe I know. Utah is known for: Mormons of course, fry sauce, the 2002 Winter Olympics, David Archiletta, and country music group Shedaisy. Many movies are filmed in Utah. I believe high school musical was filmed here (not a fan or anything). You can find some beautiful views of desert, canyons, a few lakes, and mountains. It's hard to tear apart the seasons and in the winter it is snowy and cold; God it's cold!

Utah is just as diverse as any state; however, among this diversity 3/4 of it seems to occupy one big group. This group includes Mormons, a brainwashed religious group who believe they are the only ones who will end up in heaven and believe they are the only ones with a right to be there, and closed minded, right winged nut jobs. Dare to be different here? There are many nice people, but it's not always a very friendly state. It's full of piss assed, uptight ass holes. Wave to anyone and they'll give you the evil eye it seems.

From what I hear people who grew up in high crime areas feel safer when they move to Utah. Could that be true of any state though? Perhaps it was just the city they were in? Utahns seem to believe it's the "moral fiber" of their state. Positive reactions to outside visitors are basically like "Oh utah. Cool."

That's Utah in a nut shell.
Utah Resident: Welcome to Utah. Are you gay, different, or just not conservative?

Kermit the Frog: I think so.

Utah Resident: (pulls out a gun) Please leave you creature! Thanks and god bless.
by GoodTimesMan April 16, 2010
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