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The art of pulling out of a fuckhole (other than her face) seconds before busting a nut, and without changing positions, the skeet sniper acquires a target quickly and accurately spattering it with jizzum. Beginners tent to aim for the belly button or a nipple. Veteran shooters will target and take out an eye, nostril, specific tooth, the part in her hair, or combinations.
Skeet sniping advanced tactical maneuver:
Skeet sniper: "Ooooh, I'm gonna cum, ooooohhhhhhyyeaaaaaaaaaarraaarrrr!"
Random wench: "gnnaaachalchal" -gasp- "it went in my nose" -cough, cough- "and into my throat" -gag-
Skeet sniper:"BOOM, HEADSHOT!!"
by GoodGoon November 25, 2012

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