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This rule states: If one is to get up and get a drink for drymouth relief, they had better come back with a drink for their burn-out buddy
Kenzie: I'm getting up to get water

Caitlin: I'm too lazy to get mine but I'm parched..

Kenzie: (Comes back with both glasses)

Caitlin: Wow bro! Thanks for following the Golden Rule for Stoners!
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
Trying to take a picture of your eyes while high. It always comes out like a shitty mug shot.
Caitlin: What is this picture on my phone from?!

Kenzie: Oh, I just wanted to see how red my eyes were last night...Its my High Mug Shot...
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
Dancing while high and thinking you're the shit...and you could be pro.
Kenzie: What the f*ck is she doing?


Kenzie: Oh..its her latest compilation of Highography.
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
The act of laying down on something, and flailing your arms and legs about to music, thus creating the effect that you are dancing.
(Laying on bed talking)

Kenzie: This is a good song!

Caitlin: I have to dance but im too lazy to get up...

Kenzie: Now is a time for Horizontal dancing!
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
A saying used as an excuse when people continuously slur their words as a result of being very high.
Kenzie: I know that amaa--amba-aa-ambidextrous girl.

Caitlin: What? Haha, You tripped over that one a bit!

Kenzie: Oh shh-shhushhuhhshh.

Caitlin: Just blame it on the dry mouth bro.
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
When you get bombarded with an array of stupid texts from that stoner buddy of yours.
Kenzie: LOLOLOL. Lets send Becky Hightexts!

Caitlin: Is this too creepy?? Aahahaa.

Kenzie: NO. Its a hightext. Calm down.

-At Becky's House- Text recieved from Caitlin. "becky. My hands are cold. HAHAH. LOLOL. LMFAO."

Becky: Yes. -Smh-
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011

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