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Xbox Live is the Anti-Christ himself. He takes over homes, lives and ruins marriages and relationships. Keep getting on Xbox Live everyday and before you know it you are homeless because your wife and kids left you because you were to drawn in by Satan himself. Start saving money now so you can pay for your kids therapy in 10 years. They're wondering why daddy didn't love them enough to stop playing xbox and play with them! Xbox live is for 30 something low life pussies to bully 10 year old little rich boys. Go ahead and ruin your life get on Xbox live today!
Daddy is on Xbox Live again...Mommy why doesn't he love us enough to just play with us one afternoon instead of get on Xbox Live and talk to people he don't even know?

Mommy: I don't know sweetue why your dad is a complete loser and playing with the devil. Hopefully these 10 year olds can support him because we are leaving his ass tommorrow morning!
by Good bye sucka July 10, 2008

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