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Native American slang for "reservation," as in "on the Indian reservation."
Ayy, there's always a party Saturday night on the rez, man.
by goobershanker April 06, 2004
An exclamation, as in "Well, I'll be," or "You don't say," or "Isn't that something?" Something my uncle says all the time.
Person #1: Hey, did you know that J.J. got thrown in the can?
Person #2: Well shit fire and save matches, no I did not.
by goobershanker April 06, 2004
Ever see a cat lick its ass? Then you know it's pretty damn fast.
When I heard my old man coming home right when I was in the middle of some afternoon delight with my next door neighbor, he gathered up his clothes, rock-hard dick and all, and jumped out the window faster than a cat can lick its ass.
by Goobershanker July 27, 2006
Short for "The Heat Is On," which is the name of a song by Glenn
Most likely derived from the name of a short movie-type skit from Saturday Night Live, starring Ben Stiller, Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, and Will Ferrell as Glenn Frey. If you have not seen this skit, I highly recommend it -- it is absolutely hilarious!
The H is O, man...the H is O...
by goobershanker April 07, 2004
YP = Your Problem
MP = My Problem
Girl: Hey! You came, but I haven't yet! That's not fair!

Guy: That's a YP, not an MP, baby! C'ya, I'm outta here!
by goobershanker April 29, 2004
Another way for a female to say she is menstruating.
Girl #1: Are ya' going to the lake today?
Girl #2: Naw, I can't. Granny fell off the roof and has her arm in a sling.
Girl #1: Aw, that's too bad. I'll catch ya' later.
by goobershanker April 06, 2004
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