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a term that has 68 pages on urbandictionary.com

emo is actually just a genre

if a kid gets a flippy haircut and tight pants and some converse and slits their wrists and enjoys listening to fueled by ramen bands in the dark then ok then! give that kid a gold star cuz he has a wacked up brain.

speaking of star they are probaly jefree star fans and "support" his existence

now isnt that poser-ific?
sad kid 1: im emo
sad kid 2: im emo too. my pants are tight
sad kid 3: my pants are tighter, i can barely breathe, i think i might die from lack of air
sad kids 1 and 2: dude i want your pants. i hate myself for not having them -slit writs-
by GonnaShootYew July 07, 2008

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