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greatest sport in the world. Played by the top athletes in the world. Guys want to be us, Girls want to see us and we are the center of the universe.
If you think of football any person can run a route, catch or throw a ball and stick a needle full of roids in their ass.
Hockey takes skill, speed and smarts. You can't have a 400 pound guy play like in football. On the ice they let problems get settled like men should, with a tilt. Not to mention in no other sport can you grow the flow like in hockey. It's UNREAL.
Biff "Hey you watch the football game?"
Joe "No, if I wanted to watch roid monkeys rub themselves I'd go to a football players house and throw on some gay porn"
Biff "Did you watch the hockey game?"
Joe "Yea, it was UNREAl!"
Biff "I didn't."
Joe "That's BUSH!"
by Gong Show Garry April 30, 2006

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