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A term used to express the ratio of service offered in an Emergency or Medical Ward versus the quantity of seemingly available staff. Often considered to be greater in truth when expressed as the inverse of the service to staff ratio.
Exhasperated patient: "I haven't seen this much blue tape since season six of ER!"
by Gomiboy September 28, 2009
Term for a stapler in which two staples have jammed at the dispensing end. Can be a condition of improperly loaded staples, such as those broken into units too small to use effectively, or those suffering from staple rot. Solution often requires the user negating all other productivity to remove the tangled staples, oftentimes resulting in a less-than-functional device when the procedure is completed.
I swear this stapler commits staplecide every third staple!
by Gomiboy June 28, 2009

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