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When fat people grow goatees to try to make themselves look better. As defined by Roast Beef in the comic strip Achewood: "When a dude of gravity tries to distinguish his neck from his face by arbitrarily shaping facial hair that is the bloatee"
"He had to grow a bloatee so people would know where his face ended and his neck began."
by Golfhaus September 07, 2005
Any collection of retarded people, typically for the purpose of education or socialization. Used particularly when the group goes on adventures to the "outside world" that they otherwise might not enjoy.
I went to Busch Gardens today, but apparently it was the day for all of the tard farms to come to the park.
by Golfhaus September 09, 2004
1. Originally meant to refer to the type of pop-folk music one might hear from artists and bands that would play at Lilith Fair, i.e. mostly acoustic music with supposedly deep meanings. So named because fans of this style of music were known to be passionate about wearing Birkenstock shoes in the late 90's when Birkenrock was the genre du jour.

2. Now, the word is expanded to also include slightly more testosterone-laden acts (but only slightly). In addition to the Lilith acts, acoustic male acts that a little bit too positive to be emo are Birkenrock.
Angela owns every Indigo Girls bootleg ever made. She's really into that Birkenrock.
by Golfhaus January 09, 2005
Compounded from "hate" and "Gatorade," used as a metaphor to describe what someone is doing when they are treating someone rudely and such behavior appears to be racially motivated.
1. "Stop drinking the Hatearade!"

2. "What flavors does Hatearade come in?"
"Vanilla - that's the only flavor." - from WWE's Monday Night Raw
by Golfhaus January 09, 2005
(v) to urinate standing up, in a manner that if there were guests in your house, they would hear you. As defined by Ray Smuckles of Achewood.
Ray does not audiocast if people are over.
by Golfhaus February 15, 2007

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