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An arcade game that put Sonic, some old friends, and some new foes in a fighter to take out Eggman's Death Egg. Known in America as Sonic Tournament.
Sonic the Fighters should have been ported to SEGA Saturn.
by Golemio December 02, 2003
Believed to be the last great game to come out on SEGA Saturn. This game was made by SONIC TEAM, also behind NiGHTS into Dreams, another great game for the system, and--you guessed it--most of the Sonic the Hedgehog games.
They are the Burning Rangers, go! They will never let you dow-own!
by Golemio December 02, 2003
One who places refrigerator magnets in strange patterns, claiming to see the future.
The hairoopogist took all of my refrigerator magnets.
by Golemio December 01, 2003
A person.
Shall we call Bonemasher a Blakechu? Most Blakechus are persons...
by Golemio December 03, 2003
The best site evarrrr!!!!!111111///////??????/1111111//////./!?!?!
I won't include the URL for Nintendo Fans because that would be spamming.
by Golemio February 28, 2004

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