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A game starring a bad ass Native American dude name Tal who unloads clips into T-Rexes. Franchise from 1998-2008 with a small cult following.

Also a phrase or term borrowed by NYC kids in the late 90's to describe a move performed by Super Street Fighter's T. Hawk as well as Killer Instinct's Chief Thunder.

This move can be emulated. It has two variations both of which resemble moves used in Thai Kick Boxing. Both moves have two applications:

1) Used to simultaneously burst through a crowd of passive strap-hangers that refuse to move quickly enough to board the train before the doors closed; to insert one's knee and elbow into the door to keep it from closing thereby preventing the train from departing.

2) To help the user get off of the train on a major transfer point when the same said crowd refuses to move aside and let people who need to get off the train pass through. The move will successfully encourage at least 2 people at which point a path will open for you to get off. Domino effect.
Derrick: Yo what's up man. What it do.

Jamal: Yo dawg shit was crazy on the train this morning.

Derrick: Crowded and shit?

Jamal: Yeah man I had to straight up Turok a nigga just to get on the train. Then this old lady stared at me, I was like what, I got places to be bitch!

Derrick: Word, word I feel you on that man.
by Golem King December 24, 2010

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