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3 definitions by Goldphishe

Going ridiculously fast, preferably down hill.
So i was on my sled, right, and i was barrel-assing down the hill...


Woah.. did you see that Viper go barrel-assing past us?
by Goldphishe August 24, 2004
A large ball made of toilet paper stolen from your university bathroom. Once it has reached maximum girth (aka, a soon as you get sick wrapping it) it is covered in duct tape and is henceforth known as indistruct-a-ball
Woah, get a load of that indistruct-a-ball! I heard it was made of 25 big rolls of t.p. from the hill center!
by Goldphishe August 24, 2004
tacky. stupid. anything that sucks (wedding related)
Like someone asking for a poem for the bathroom baskets... That is SO bun bun

The dollar dance is SOOOOO bun bun.
by Goldphishe September 21, 2004