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An impossibly difficult written task set by extremely evil, cruel, and nasty teachers (or teachers' bosses - some teachers don't like essays either!) to do for homework,usually due for a week after they are set.
Essays are possibly the worst torture ever due to their immense difficulty to accomplish for a certain young goldfish who may or may not be writing this definition when they are supposed to be doing their Citizenship essay on bullying that is already 15 days overdue!

and I can't do it! Help me!!!!! :-(
by Goldfish United! February 26, 2009
A complete idiot who thinks poisoning themself is cool.
Cigarettes contain rat poison and carbon monoxide. CO is used for suicide it stops your red blood cells from working so you die from lack of oxygen!

Smokers shouldn't get free hospital treatment! It should go to people who didn't harm themselves!

(why was this not published before? I'm an editor too and the guides say publish opinions.)
by Goldfish United! March 02, 2009
A brother or sister.
A being with whom you share parents, whose sole purpose is to destroy your life.
In general, younger siblings are slightly more annoying than older ones, although in general older siblings are meaner and stronger so beat up the younger one.
by Goldfish United! February 26, 2009
The juice of a pizza. Made by putting a very greasy or oily pizza on kitchen roll. Not to be confused with pizza smoothie.
Pieces of paper love drinking pizza juice.

I went to the canteen to buy a piece of pizza, but I didn't get to the front of the queue until the end of break and didn't have time to eat it or go to my locker to put it away. So I wrapped it up in paper napkin and put it in my school bag, hoping for the best. Unfortunately, by lunchtime the pizza juice had soaked through the napkin and covered some of my folders (which were plastic and could be cleaned) - but it also got sucked up by the loose sheets lying in the bottom of my schoolbag, making them unusable and the pizza really dry. True story.
by Goldfish United! February 27, 2009
Recipe invented by moi:
1. Liquidize a piece of paper and a little bit of tinned tomatoes.
2. (optional)Drain through a colander.
3. Serve to someone who likes eating weird food or to someone who doesn't like weird food but is very hungry, OR to someone who you hate and just happens to be blindfolded.
Not to be confused with pizza juice.
Pizza smoothie... who would willingly eat such a thing? I only invented it because I accidently invented pizza juice and thought it should have a smoothie to go with it. What shall I invent next? A pizza milkshake???
by Goldfish United! February 27, 2009
The sound that fish make at the end of very insulting (to someone of my form) jokes:
Dad: What goes "Miaow! Glug glug glug!"?
Me: A catfish.
My brother: What goes "Neigh! Glug glug glug!"
Dad: A seahorse! That was a good one!
by Goldfish United! February 26, 2009
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