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A person who is completely covered with zits, resembling the surface of a Skiing Mogul Course. Running your fingers down the Mogul Course is sure going to be a rough and unpleasant ride.
Girl 1: So, are you taking Guy 1 to the prom?

Girl 2: Eeew, no way! He's such a Mogul Course, i wouldn't want to risk an injury getting in contact with him.
by GoldenCoastBoyyy March 17, 2010
The result of a Laryngectomy, the procedure of putting a hole in one's throat because they smoked too much and got cancer. Too bad you smoked, because now you have a butt hole right on your throat for everyone to see. A Neck Rectum.
Rolando Martinez (throat guy): I was 29 when i got throat cancer from smoking cigarettes. I almost died. Now there is a permanent Neck Rectum in my throat. Nothing will ever be the same again. Not even the simple things.
by GoldenCoastBoyyy March 17, 2010
The stealth and silent act of masturbating with other people in the room. A properly executed Ninja Defuse leaves all other people in the room unknowing of your deed. Most common in college dormitories and sexless relationships.
Guy 1: Dude i'm really horny, i need to go rub one out but my roommate is always sitting around playing Call of Duty.
Guy 2: Bro you need to try a Ninja Defuse.
Guy 1: WTF is that?
Guy 2: Just throw your covers over yourself in bed, and masturbate while he isn't paying attention, but keep quiet or you'll get caught!
Guy 1: Oh damn son! You're a genius!
by GoldenCoastBoyyy May 20, 2010
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